Briteweb was built on referrals

from our clients, colleagues, and friends, which has given us the opportunity to grow steadily with little to no investment in marketing or sales.

This, in turn, has allowed us to stay focused on the quality of our work and the value we provide our clients.

We want to reward your goodwill.

Our community's generosity is a constant reminder of what's possible when passionate organizations and individuals support each other in making a collective impact.


What Are the Rewards?

For every successful client referral, we'd like to offer you the choice of cash in hand, credit towards Briteweb services or a charitable donation on your behalf.

  • You are rewarded 5% of the total amount billed on your referral's first project
  • They get a $500 credit their first monthly project invoice

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Who Should I Connect?

New Clients:  Briteweb works with changemakers across all verticals within the impact sector:

  • Nonprofits
  • Foundations
  • Social Enterprises
  • Purpose-driven Companies


Briteweb's Services

  • Strategy: Purpose, Vision & Values, Business Model Design, Campaign & Program Design, Teams, Technology & Culture, Workplace Performance & Wellness
  • Branding: Naming & Taglines, Logos & Visual Identities, Brand Strategy & Communications, Brand Guidelines / Style Guides, Impact Reports & Annual Reports, Infographics, Marketing, Print Collateral
  • Digital: Mobile Responsive Websites, Web & Mobile Apps, Donation Tools & CRM Integrations, Multisites, Intranets, UX Strategy & Design, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Video


How Do Make a Referral?

  • Introduce Steve to  your referral via email ( Check out the handy template below.


  • Tell your connection about Briteweb and make sure to fill out the referral form below so that we can both benefit from the referral.

Referral Email Template

Hi [name],

As you might have seen, [your organization/company name] has recently [launched a website/rebrand/marketing strategy]. We worked with Briteweb, a social impact agency, on this project. They helped us [insert success metric, ie. increase our website traffic by x].

We really enjoyed working with them and they're taking on new clients right now. They deliver solutions from strategy, to branding to website development . They're offering an incentive for their existing clients to refer new clients, and an opportunity for both of our organizations to benefit. In full transparency, this means [organization/company name] will earn a donation of 5% on your project, and your organization will get a $500 credit on your first project. 

If you're interested in learning more about what Briteweb can do for your organization, I've cc'd Steve from Briteweb on this email so you can get in touch. I'm also happy to speak to you about our experience working with them and answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you're doing well! 

[your name]


Referral Form